Create a world where talent knows no borders

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Global Hiring, Simplified

Tofu was founded with the belief that global hiring can be a force for positive change in the world. We believe that when businesses can easily access and hire the best talent from around the world, it leads to a more diverse, innovative, and inclusive global economy. Our mission is to empower businesses that provide EOR and payroll solutions using cutting-edge technology.

our vision

Revolutionizing Payroll,
One Click at a Time

At Tofu, we are using the latest technology and innovative solutions to tailor software that improves accuracy, efficiency and transparency across the EOR and payroll industry. We have developed a platform that enables businesses to easily manage their global payroll and compliance, from onboarding dashboard through auditing the payroll data all the way to invoicing the clients.

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What we are doing

Effortlessly manage global payroll and compliance with Tofu

Tofu is a payroll and compliance platform that streamlines global hiring for businesses of all sizes. We provide a single dashboard where businesses can manage their EOR and payroll data and enable visibility to their clients. The platform offers multiple options to manage workers data with your clients, a vast knowledge base with revolutionary AI interface for easy usage, immediate cost simulations for employment and much more. Using Tofu's platform will improve accuracy by applying automated verifications on the monthly payroll data, save you manual work and improve your alignment with the clients.